William Field Porter II (Father) (Mother)   =  Alice Roper
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Hall Album "W F Porter, 80 years of age".
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Porter Album Captain Porter
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Miniature - not labelled but reverse has locks of hair and embroidered initials WFP. Is in identical case to that of Alice Roper and is of similar style so presumed to be her husband.
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Not labelled in album, signed W F Porter front and Porter (different hand) four times on back. Back has printed label "Cut with common Scissors By that singularly gifted Little Boy, Master Hubbard, Without Drawing or Machine." There are two other W J Hubbard silhouettes in the family collection. Hubbard moved to the USA in  1824 so is before that. ref, ref.
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Unnamed portrait owned by family. On basis of resemblance to miniature believed to be Captain Porter about the time of his marriage.

Descendants:  William Field Porter III   Alice Porter