William Field Porter IV (Father) (Mother)   =  Maggie Porter (nee Wolff)
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wfp4.jpg (16640 bytes)
From Porter album labelled in pencil "Dad, Wm Field b. 1865" Inscriber believed to be WFP V
unknown1.jpg (32822 bytes)
This un-named person, a loose photograph in the Porter album is thought on resemblance grounds to be WFP IV
4unlab.jpg (9891 bytes)
Not labelled, but by comparison with photo at right is WFP IV 
wfp3&4.jpg (21782 bytes)
On right. Labelled in pencil in album " Grandpa Porter and Dad (b. 1865)"
wfp4&mother.jpg (35275 bytes)
Labelled in album in pencil "Mrs W.F. Porter and W.F. Porter (4th) (b.1865)"
diving.jpg (56214 bytes)
This photograph copied from an unknown publication is captioned "Captain W.F Porter of the Crest of the Wave.  Mr Arthur Outridge (Father of  Harold Outridge) in Diving Dress".
wfp4older.jpg (31430 bytes)
Loose photo in Porter collection.
family.jpg (33963 bytes)
Maggie, WFP IV, Willie, Alice and Doris about 1902. Loose photo in Porter collection (Restored)
wfp4a.jpg (25072 bytes) wfp crest.JPG (155707 bytes)
Minature hand coloured photo, pair of one for Maggie 

Descendants:  William Field Porter V