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Star of  Forbidden Planet 

About the movie

The opening sound clip is from the movie

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Pretty cute!


My one is a bit down market

Movie Posters

How come the hero always gets the blonde?  - anyway its all in the poster painter's mind - not a scene in the movie.

Toy Boxes:



   Sex to sell toys?

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Movie Trailer

3D digital model Dr Morbius House

Tour of the saucer - 3D digital model


Then in the 60's there was Dr Who. The Daleks weren't  a patch on Robby - No legs for a start, let alone the whirly bits. (Anyway they weren't robots at all, just machines to carry mutant's bodies about). 
Great voices though   Link to wav file

Leaving more to the imagination was the BBC serial Journey Into Space, of the mid 1950's also.

My other space fantasy of the 50's was Dan Dare in the British comic Eagle. Apparently there was a radio version too - on Radio Luxembourg - beamed at the UK, but it was never played in New Zealand.

The Biggles-like space spin-off, also by W E Johns, starting with Kings of Space, was part of my reading too, but I preferred Biggles. 
Kings of Space books.

Publicity Shot

Who's got better legs, Robby or Anne Francis?

I first saw the movie in the Regent Theatre, The Octagon, Dunedin, New Zealand - - I would have been 11. (see

Blew me away! Quite different from the westerns and war movies I was normally to be found at.

It was only years later I found it was a cult movie.

My eldest son is Robert - called Robbie - I wonder.......... 

MGM having created him had to use him some more. The first outing was The Invisible Boy:

So who got the biggest typeface on the poster?  Robby!

In fact he has appeared in many subsequent films and other media. Is he a character or an actor? - the movie sites have it both ways.

As a characterAs an actor  Both pages have his filmography.

Someone else likes him - ... one of the earliest and best known robots in movie history should move to the top of the list of the most expensive movie props ever sold. 

Have a look here too:

Yeah alright, this site isn't a patch on but I like it.

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