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The St Lawrence Seaway issue. A joint issue with the USA in 1959. Only the Canuks got the invert.
The most famous invert ever. The Curtis Jenny was much used in barnstorming in the 20's so they spent a bit of time upside down in air displays, but not enough to justify just being that way on a stamp. The finder of this bought the sheet and gradually sold the specimens off.

About the Jenny  First USA Airmail Stamp - 6c Jenny

Recent sale of blocks of four

Pan American Exhibition issue of 1901. The 1c, 2c and 4c values exist inverted. The 4c was not issued through the Post Office. More

1869 pictorial on the landing of Columbus, for the Columbian Exposition. The first USA bi-colour stamp - I guess they had to get it wrong.
Regular Stamp    More

The CIA issue. Found at that agency. The white, red and yellow colours are inverted.
An illegal issue - but then Nixon seemed to have that trouble. More

Nixon Library at Yorba Linda CA - love him or loathe him - worth a visit.

$2 Truro invert - the inscription upside down.
Western Australia
Actually on this one the frame was upside down rather than the centre. SG3a

Discovered years after its issue. Fifteen copies are known. This is rare in not being a two colour error, rather an incorrect use of the dies in making up the plate.   

New Zealand
What its like down under!
Lake Taupo and Mt. Ruapehu from the 1900 issue of the first commemoratives. Not an easy invert to spot. Might be some more out there? This one was found in 1930, years after its issue and use. The 4d rate is more likely to have applied to postage of items to outside New Zealand.

The Post Office buying back used stamps? That's what New Zealand Post did with this unique inverted centre 4d.  More.  

1998 centennial reissue of the set.

New Zealand
The moth wing colour is inverted.
New Zealand  again - Peter Snell running down under. 
King George II looking a bit undignified. SG48a.
The yellow colour is inverted. A strange one this - after the error was discovered a printing of the error was ordered so collectors would have a the opportunity to own one. Buy one on eBay, or a whole sheet, for very little - they were over-bought by speculating collectors.
Four Annas of 1864 The world's first invert.

Rarotonga /Cook Islands
Having got is wrong on the Cook Island stamps they just had to do it again!



The fantastic Peter Balner collection of inverts - sold in 2002

Inverted overprints are much more common as are inverted watermarks.